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Aaron Jackson is the owner and creator of Think Outside, an Australian-based business that prioritizes the environment, fair trade and specialty within their line of products. Founded in 1997, Think Outside produces unique works of art including décor, furniture and hand-crafted sculptures made from recycled materials. The products are shipped to global retailers and as his newest project, Jackson has selected The Collection at RiverPark in Oxnard to open his first store in the United States.  

“It’s pretty special for our brand to be able to present ourselves exactly how we want,” said Aaron Jackson, founder and designer of Think Outside. “I’ve been able to put my energy and vibe into this store, and we’re really excited to have that opportunity at The Collection.”

Jackson’s unique concepts of both his business and his art are, like their tagline, remarkable. The process of creating a piece starts with Aaron, who is the conceptual designer and artist of each original work. Production takes place in skill workshops in Vietnam, set up by Jackson himself, where he teaches and employs up-skilling craftsmen, giving them the opportunity to build and learn by replicating his design for retailers. Jackson’s motto is “If it’s not working for everyone, then it’s not working.”

“We are overjoyed to have Think Outside team up with The Collection for the launch of their first store in the United States,” said Juliana Thiessen, Marketing Coordinator at The Collection at RiverPark. “We are happy to provide guests the opportunity to see all of Aaron’s unique and fun designs in one space.”

Think Outside’s new store location at The Collection consists of over 700 designs and pieces to choose from, which is a much greater variety than what you can find at typical retailers. Jackson’s designs are versatile and fun, with no two pieces exactly alike. The store at The Collection is the only Think Outside store in the United States, with nearly Jackson’s entire line available here with more pieces being created all the time.

About The Collection at RiverPark

The Collection at RiverPark is a dynamic 750,000 square foot, outdoor retail marketplace located in the heart of West Ventura County. Inspired by the beauty of the California coast, the stores are a reflection of today’s finest designer shops, exquisite dining, and first-class entertainment. Store include H&M, Forever 21, White House Black Market and Chico’s, among others. Restaurants include Yard House, Larsen’s Grill, Gen Korean BBQ, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Maria’s Italian Kitchen and more. To further enhance the shopping experience for guests, The Annex Food Hall, conveniently located inside the Collection, is a 16,000 square foot public market-style space featuring one-of-a-kind micro-shops, artisan boutiques, craft food, and beverages.

About Think Outside

Think Outside is the creator of remarkable hand-crafted sculptures, décor, and furniture for homes, gardens or as cherished gifts. All of Think Outside’s products are carefully crafted and designed with impeccable detail and built with integrity to bring joy into people’s lives. Founded by Aaron Jackson in 1998, Think Outside has since gone from strength to strength and now employs over 300 people and supplies reputable home, garden and gift retailers across Australia, Europe, Asia, and USA.

Since its conception, Think Outside has been committed to creating a global community by up-skilling craftsmen in developing countries, whilst continually pushing the boundaries of art through innovation. The unique pieces within each collection are custom designed by Aaron and crafted individually by artisans in developing countries, with Aaron regularly visiting to teach, guide and support the team. Today Think Outside’s workshop operates out of Vietnam and is the epicenter of crafting and building the thousands of pieces each year. The workshop has an established and self-sufficient team of upskilled local people with an aim to support the local communities and their economy. Meanwhile, Aaron and the team, at the head office in Sydney, are busy designing and creating new collections, driving the global business forward and spreading the word for Think Outside.


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