Before You Fly

Updated: May 12, 2019

Summer is almost upon us and many of us are planning to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and every day life. As you plan your escape to relax and rejuvenate, consider a few things before you commit to an air ticket.

The Airline Staff

People do business with people. You want to enjoy your vacation from start to finish. The airline staff are the ones that will be serving you in the beginning, and leave you with your memories to end your restful trip. Consider purchasing your air ticket with an airline based on the employees that they have.

Airport Lounges

If you have experienced a lot of traveling, you will understand how crowded and crazy the airports can be. If you're not flying business class, your credit card company may allow you access in the airline's lounge. Paying to have the serenity, food and beverages in your airline's lounge is worth it when you need to escape.


In life, not everything runs smoothly and traveling is no different. Flights get delayed, overbooked and cancelled, but consider this: How well does an airline do in assisting you re-book your flight through their website or app?

Get Insurance

Many of us blow-off the offer to get insurance. However, Travel Insurance covers you in the events that may occur. Delayed or cancelled flights can increase your spending money on a vacation that you have specifically budgeted for. With travel insurance, you can have peace in a stressful situation.

High Speed Wi-Fi

The world revolves around our connection to the internet. Since you can't use your phone's data above the clouds, consider if you will have access to the airline's Wi-Fi. With this option, you can remain connected to the world below, sharing your trip with your family and friends.

Entertainment on Flights

Being crammed in to a metal can for up to 16 hours (depending on your destination) can get a little much. Entertainment helps us and those around us to rest more easily and travel with less frustration. Some airlines offer a great selection of access to entertainment while others do not. Check to see whether the prospective airline offers complimentary entertainment.

Feed Me...

The Low Cost Carriers offer an à la carte paid service on their flights. While you might manage for a 2-hour flight without needing to eat, depending on your flight time and length, look into the menu's selection before you fly. Some airlines go the extra mile to serve you a snack, drink, and for the longer flights, a meal.

Air Miles

The airline industry were the leaders in offering rewards for your loyalty. When you get to experience the awarded flights, it feels great. So, consider the long term benefits of flying with the airline that is rewarding you for your continued loyalty.

You want to arrive to your vacation destination safely, well rested, and in a good mood. Before you purchase that air ticket, consider the airline first. After all, your vacation starts when you leave your house, not just arrive at the destination!


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