Being Beautiful in an Ugly World

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

All one needs is to open social media, turn on the T.V., listen to the radio, or simply be out in public to recognize that the world we live in today has so much hatred, sickness & poverty. For most of us, it stirs deep within us, breaks our hearts and spirals the emotional & mental state downwards. The world is broken. Society is broken. People are broken.

In every situation, we have a choice. We can spiral downwards in the world's pain, or, we can choose to make a difference. When I look around, I see opportunity. We have the ability to make a difference.

Beauty shines through when you care about others.

Here are a few thoughts of what you can do to make a difference:

  1. Volunteer - There are so many opportunities to get involved in with local nonprofits. Safe Houses, Children's Homes, Rescue Missions, Churches, Animal Shelters, Local Parks, School Programs, Sporting Programs, Libraries... the list goes on and on. Reach out to any public community entity and they will be sure to refer you to somewhere where you can serve.

  2. Love Your Neighbor - This should be something we do without prompting, but many people do not even know the person next door! Your community and neighborhood is what you make it. So what are you doing to make it a loving, kind, and safe place? Why not start with a "Get To Know You" street party? Have everyone bring and share a dish and learn who lives on your street. At least next time you see someone, you can wave, smile, and greet them by name. Wow... imagine how amazing a warm, welcoming neighborhood would feel!

  3. Help Your Friends - Give your friends a night out by babysitting their children, or give them a night off from cooking by make them a dinner. Maybe they need a listening ear that doesn't involve a gossiping mouth after. Let your friends know you care, so when they need you, they know they can call on you.

  4. Play Nice - Whether you're socializing through sports, hobbies/activities, or even online, be nice. Remember, you don't need to judge. You don't need to be rude. You don't need say anything that is not encouraging or motivating. Think first - just be nice.


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