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Starting with a workout regime is physically stressful and mentally challenging. The time and discipline it entails is not for the faint hearted, yet it is not impossible! Remember this, your biggest obstacle is you! You are the only person who can make it happen or make excuses to not do it. You choose.

Once you've determined the will power to make it happen, more than half the battle is won!

Today, there are so many options to choose from that don't include a typical gym or an at home video workout. Many choices are fun, team orientated with personal goals in mind, and with so many options available, it's impossible to get bored!


This high intensity workout uses every muscle group and mental stamina... not to mention you burn 600+ calories per hour. That's the equivalent of running 6 miles! Classes are fun, engaging, motivating, and if you get the perfect instructor/s, they are not going to let you give up easily. Kickboxing gyms are popping up all over the U.S. and incentivizing new member sign-ups - so take advantage of these deals!

Barre Workouts

Barre workouts are an isometric strength training method, using your own body weight as resistance, and stretching between segments, utilizing techniques from Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet. I love the fact that you can join a local studio or you can join their online community and use on-demand video services to workout at home if need be.

CrossFit Training

This intense and extreme level of training scares most people, however, these workouts are efficient and training groups treat each other like family. CrossFit training incorporates weightlifting, circuit training, bodyweight calisthenics, gymnastics, and much more. Before you dismiss CrossFit training, give it a try.


Also known as Total Resistance Exercises, TRX is a form of suspension training using bodyweight in a variety of multi-planar, compound exercise movements. Some gyms have TRX studios and specialized trainers, but if you don't have one nearby, this is also known as the "Garage Workout" because you can literally set up the equipment in your garage!

Aqua Board Fitness

A blend of Yoga and Pilates, combining balance and body strength, this is a low impact workout yet you will see your muscles toned and feeling stronger. If you have your own pool, you can certainly give it a try on your own, but workouts are always more fun in a group setting. Perhaps there's a class near you?

When choosing whether or not to get into a workout regime, consider what I heard from my one of my instructors, "Be disciplined in the things you need to do and you will have the freedom to do the things you want to do." (Origin of quote unknown - yet so profound!)


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