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Maintain Healthy Diet On Vacation

There are always reasons to give up on a diet. Time spent away from home and everyday routine makes it very hard to continue a healthy eating plan while on vacation. But, rather than making an excuse for breaking your diet, why not make an effort to continue with it? We have some easy-to-follow tips to help!

5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle While on Vacation

  1. Be Prepared! This cannot be stressed enough! If you are going on a road trip it is a lot easier to take healthy snacks and possibly some prepared meals with you. However, if you're flying, it is not as easy, but you can still be sure to grab some healthy snacks at your destination. Find a local grocer and stock up on items like raw nuts, a bag of apples and low carb protein bars. This way you have some healthier snack items and will be less likely to find yourself famished by the time you sit down at a restaurant for a meal.

  2. Keep Track of Your Calories. The same way you would count calories at home, or be self aware of what you're eating day-to-day, you must continue to keep track while on vacation. Make it easier by downloading an app on your phone to help keep you on track. Most apps these days allow you to simply scan a bar code of a food item and they even have restaurants menus with the calories included.

  3. Make Healthy Choices. Everyone enjoys a scrumptious cheat every now and again, especially when on vacation. If you know you're going to be going overboard at a meal, try to ensure your other meals that day and the days in-between are filled with healthy choices. This way when you cheat, you won't fall off the wagon entirely and won't hate yourself for cheating.

  4. Stay Hydrated. Drink lots of water! If you're out in the sun or having some "more-than-usual" alcoholic beverages (after all, you're on vacation), you will need to drink more water than usual. Stay well hydrated. Not only does water fill you up, but it helps maintain your body fluids.

  5. Be Active! You may not want to go to the hotel gym, or go for a run, but you should find something to keep you active. Perhaps there is a hiking trail to explore or take a long stroll on the beach. Perhaps you could take some surfing lessons, rent a paddle board or bicycle, or even find a night club to go dancing. Working out doesn't have to feel like a daunting task... any of these types of activities will add to your vacation experience.

While your diet is important, it should be a way of life, not a prison sentence. Your vacation is a very brief glimpse of time in comparison to your every day rut and routine, so don't let food get in the way of rejuvenating and making memories!


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