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“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” ~Socrates

Many people fill their lives in the form of things. The hope to fill a void deep within them. But, just as Socrates stated, one will never be content with more if there is not already a contentment within.

What does this mean within one's home? For some, the more a home is filled, the more they feel safe & comforted.

For me, clutter creates chaos. I personally prefer less. Less is more. Less stress. More peace.

Five Ways I declutter my home (& life):

  1. "Make-Do" Smaller Wardrobe - I do not have a walk-in closet. I do not have a Summer and Winter wardrobe. I have one single closet and everything must fit in that closet. Shoes, scarves, dresses, pants, tops, coats... you name it. ONE (in-the-wall) single closet. I've been ruthless when it comes to shopping. It has saved more than just the bank account. It has saved me time... endless time... If you don't have much to choose from, the question of "What to wear?" has a really short, simple, easy to answer outcome. (It should also be note: Laundry also takes less time too!)

  2. Sign-Up for E-Statements etc. - The less bills I get in the postbox, the less mail there is to sort through. Simple right? Almost always, 99% of my mail is coupons and promotional material which goes directly in the trash. (If a company wants to sell me something, or promote themselves, then it's best it comes through to me online). By having e-statements and paying my bills online, I have ease of setting up automatic payments, proof of payment, and less filing/paperwork to see to later.

  3. Minimal Decor - I have very little decor on tables, walls and living spaces. Partly because I don't like to have more to clean and polish around, but I also feel like the more there is, the more cluttered my home feels in general. I can't rest with the sense of mess everywhere.

  4. Use Your "Fine-China" - If you believe life is fragile and that every day is a gift, then what are you waiting for? What is the point in having special dinnerware and silverware if there are never occasions "special enough" to use them? Use your fancy plates and glasses- if they break, they break! One set of Fine-China takes up less space than numerous dinner-sets for multiple occasions that you forget you had such serving plates for. Make sense?

  5. Spring-Clean Every Year - Clean out your home (or even just one room) as if you are moving out-of-state. Do it each and every year. Donate what you haven't used in that year, and if it's trash, throw it away! In my world, this includes books... do you really re-read the same books every year? Just a thought...

Minimalism is more than just living without something... it's living with more of everything!

“Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art.” ~Richard Holloway


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