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Plants for People Without Green Thumbs

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

With spring upon us, stores have begun to advertise and sell living plants. Buying and having plants is a great thing to do because not only are they good for the environment and you, but they are super cute decor! Even if you don't have a green thumb, it is still possible to grow plants that will thrive. You just need the right one for you.

Snake Plant:

Snake plants require little work and attention in order to thrive. They can survive in minimal light or in full sun exposure and they only need to be watered every two to three weeks depending on the environment it is in. You can also buy them any many different sizes to fit into the plant desired location perfectly.



Succulents come in many different forms, colors, and sizes. Some succulents hang down and drape over their posts while others grow upwards. Succulents are also easy to take care of because they need minimal watering and space. But it must be noted that you should not mist a succulent with a spray bottle because by misting a succulent, it could rot the inside. They do however need a lot of sun. A special perk to succulents is that you can propagate, or plant leaves to grow baby succulents, easily.


Cacti are hardy plants that are, well, hard to kill. With a soil made for cacti and a lot of direct sunlight, it is easy to grow a cactus. Cacti do not need a great deal of water because they are made to survive harsh desert climates and so you must be careful to not over water a cactus. It is vital to point out that you should never spray a cactus with water as well.

Why not give at least one of these plants a try. You may feel differently about the color of your thumb.


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