Sun Tanning Safely

I would love to say don’t tan - it’s not good for you. But let’s be real, if people didn’t love to tan, no one would do it and a glowing tanned skin is always longed for, especially in the summer! Personally, I just love the relaxation of being outdoors, especially on the beach with sand, sea, and sun. So, how can we get these tan lines safely and protect ourselves against the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays?


Yes… you’ve heard it many times before, but it’s true, sunscreen is a must. Consider choosing a sunscreen that is right for your skin tone. Lighter the skin, the higher the SPF. However, SPF30 is sufficient as the highest form of sunscreen. The labels can be misleading. SPF30 filters approximately 97% of UVB rays while a SPF50 only filters one percent more at 98% of the UVB rays. Don’t fall into the trap that you don’t need to reapply often because of the SPF number - you always need to reapply, at a minimum, every 2 hours. After a swim, or sweating, reapply!


Astaxanthin acts as a shield to UV rays (not a 100%). The claim is that it strengthens cell membranes and locks out harmful free radicals. This assumes safer tanning.

Beta-Carotene is a natural pigment which adds a tanned color to the skin. This supplement helps you get the healthy-looking tan more easily and faster - thus you won’t have to lay in the sun for hours unnecessarily.


This may seem counter-active, but you can still tan in the shade due to the secondary radiation reflecting from the sand, water, and even the trees! Seek shade whenever possible for a healthier, safer tan.


Eating the right kind of food such as green, leafy vegetables like kale and spinach will help activate melanin in the skin allowing a safer and faster tan. Foods containing carotenoids such as mangoes, apricots, carrots, papaya, and beetroot, will give you a deeper/darker tan.


Tanning dehydrates the skin which leads to lines and wrinkles which become more prominent when your body is not well hydrated. So, what good is a tan if your skin looks like a raisin? By staying well hydrated your skin will glow and you will look younger!


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