The Hottest Fall Jewelry Trends

Hot, torrid days are already a distant memory and your closet is calling for a change. But good news: fall is starting on the right foot this year when it comes to looking chic – as these next jewelry trends ready for your comfy sweaters and ankle boots are hotter than ever. From dangly earrings to just the right bling for your neckline, here are the latest 2019 jewelry trends to follow.


They’ve been a major hit all summer long and surprisingly enough, they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. We’re talking about anklets – the 90s staple that came back with a vengeance last year. Take your skinny jeans and sneakers look to the next level this fall by simply adding an anklet in the mix. Boho or beach-inspired (seashells and pearls are still going strong), with tassels, gems or chains, anklets are everywhere this season – from the runways to the high-streets. This fall, roll up that denim and reveal your ankle bling, whether you’re going for the sleek and minimalistic look or an opulent, jewel-adorned design.

Statement Pearls

Forget grandma’s pearl necklace, as the way to wear the gems of the ocean this season is a departure from the traditional route. Embrace large, statement pearls and off-round gems that are unique yet enticing, especially when combined with yellow gold and other gemstones. Whether you decide on a bangle, a statement ring, a pearl pendant or even a pearl-adorned brooch, this fall welcomes pearls in every shape and size, as well as color. And if you’re looking for bling that merges the classics with a modern edge, say YES to a pair of pearl-loaded hoop earrings for that extra style accent that has the power to transform your look.

Ultra-Long Earrings

If you thought that seductive jewelry pieces were a thing of hot summer days, this next trend is about to prove otherwise. Flirty jewelry pieces are definitely IN this fall, and our favorites are no other than the shoulder-length earrings we see everywhere. Adorned with gems, beads or featuring tassels, ultra-long earrings can be paired with anything from your party-ready ensembles to your daytime weekend attire. Extra style tip: forget the necklace and the extra bling if you’re rocking a statement pair of dangly, long earrings and opt for a messy updo or pony in order to allow them to shine to the fullest.

Initial Pendants

Looking chic from A to Z is a breeze this fall season when all you have to do to elevate your office-ready dresses is to pair them up with a unique pendant necklace. Initials might not sound like such unique bling at first sight, but this fall season brings with larger, statement letter pendants – bigger than ever before. Make a statement and hop on this fun trend with an initial pendant necklace or opt for a charm bracelet with dangly letters.

Hair Jewels

They’re no longer reserved exclusively to brides, they’re popping around everywhere – and we’re certainly not complaining! From dainty pearl pins to extravagant creations, hair jewels are a relatively new fashion craze, ready to take the fall season by storm. Abstract, modern or vintage-like, enriched with jewels or minimalistic, everything from pins to clips that sparkle and shine are having a style moment currently.

Abstract Shapes

While classic florals and fauna-inspired designs are still in – not to mention geometry – there’s a newcomer on the jewelry scene. Abstract shapes are seen more and more on the world’s hottest catwalks and fashionistas everywhere are embracing the trend. Think irregular shapes, off-circles, crooked triangles, and the likes. A more futuristic take on ‘pretty jewelry’, yet with the same sparkly appeal of classic metallics. The way to wear them: pair abstract jewelry pieces with minimalist ensembles, one-tone outfits and structured silhouettes.

Maximalist Ear Cuffs

The second half of 2019 brings with maximalist looks rather than their daintier counterparts, especially when talking about earrings. When accessorizing, think big, as hoops are XXL-sized this season and so are ear cuffs. Loaded with sparkly gemstones and larger in size, the maximalist ear cuffs are here to stay, ready to complement anything from casual weekend attire to edgier cocktail frocks.


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