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There is a Mouse in My House Dear

I went to feed my beloved puppy the other day. Very calmly I placed my hand into the bag of food with the scooper to get some food, when I thought I felt something else in the bag. Pulling my hand out, I peeked in to see if I in fact had felt something else. It was then that I was eyeball to eyeball with the mouse!

Needless to say, it got a lot loud in the house as I screeched and threw down the bag of dog food. I had a mouse in the house, and it was feasting away on Pooch's food!

I finally got the courage to go back into the kitchen and remove the mouse. Entering the kitchen, there was food scattered all over the kitchen floor. I picked up the bag only to find that my unwelcome guest was no longer in the bag of food.

How was I going to remove the mouse from my house?

Since I did not see where the mouse had run off to, I didn't even know where to look for the pest. After cleaning up the dog food, I hunted high and low to see if I could find the little one that had caused so much commotion this morning.

I was not successful in locating the mouse intruder, which made me search for the best wildlife removal company in Manassas, VA.

How did the mouse end up in my house?

Mice are commensal rodents, meaning they have adapted to living with humans. Using our structures for living space and our food as their food source. Our choice in landscaping plants, bird feeders, and other factors provide optimal environments for these pests.

Entry into homes is gained at low, mid, and high entry points, with the most entry points at ground level. Mice, however, are excellent climbers and have no issues climbing brick, siding corners, and other areas of a home to exploit gaps of a 1/4 inch to gain access to the interior of the home.

95% of homes have mice!

A very high percentage of homes nationwide, some researchers estimate 95% of homes, have mice nesting in their attics. An attic is a great location for mice, no predators, insulation for nesting material, combined with their ability to get their water supply metabolically from the food they eat, all make your attic attractive to them.

Removal of mice from my attic

I was comforted by the professional pest removal company that I called to help me deal with the mouse in my house. The technician of the pest removal company did a complete and thorough investigation finding many fresh and old droppings from the unwelcome residents.

What was even better than knowing that the mouse was removed, was that the pest removal company fixed the areas of my home where the mouse had gained access. Not only do I not have a mouse in my house, but I won't have any others any time soon!

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