Tips to Make Any Space Cozy

When you think of coziness, what do you think of? If you’re like most, you think of warmth; bring on bonfires, piles of blankets, nestling in for a nap, pumpkin spice lattes, and multiple candles burning. But, those are just the basics, and it's time to re-define what "cozy" means.

What if cozy meant window seats, stoneware, and open shelving? What if you could create the perfect cozy music playlist? Liz Marie Galvan proposes just that in Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love the Feeling of Being Home It is chock-full of advice on how to make your whole life cozy, no matter the season—and it’s much more than flavored coffee and a couple of candles. 

Fans of her style, or people looking for some design inspiration from a fresh, new voice in the space, will rejoice to have tangible, attainable advice in book form.Liz and her veteran husband, Jose, live on The White Cottage Farm, a “farm fixer upper” from the mid-1800s outside of Grand Rapids, Mich., working on ways to make their surroundings cozy, in the joyful day-to-day and even in the middle of tumultuous life circumstances that have been beyond their control.

The quest to create a cozy space is a deeply personal one. Liz and Jose have experienced infertility and endured losing nine babies to miscarriages; they always have wanted to make a cozy home for themselves with children. Liz also aspired to create a cozy place to return to when Jose was deployed. Through various twists and turns, they recently became parents of a little boy, through adoption and are learning every day what "cozy” means to their expanded family.In Cozy White Cottage, Liz Marie offers her best home decor and design tips that are easy, affordable, and come from her real life. The content is perfect for any season, whether you are planning for spring already or gearing up for fall story ideas. More than just a design book, readers will discover how:

o   Passion and productivity can pour out of an inspiring, functional work space;

o   Thoughtful hospitality welcomes guests, be it for a cup of coffee or an overnight stay;

o   Calming routines and rituals can be implemented into our spaces and our lives;

o   And so much more.

“I hope through this book and glimpse into our unfinished and imperfect life, people see that they can make their homes cozy no matter what their lives look like right now,” Liz Marie said.

Whether it’s on a sheep-filled farm, in a modern urban flat, or in a rented townhouse, adding comfort and warmth helps people create a sanctuary to gather in, live in, and love in. It’s the best feeling to have a cozy corner of the world that people long to come home to.

Liz Marie Galvan is a blogger, interior designer, and co-owner of the vintage home décor boutique The Found Cottage


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