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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Room sweet room. When you feel the need to escape the world or can't keep your eyes open another second you probably retreat to your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a place that you feel safe and relaxed in. The happier and more relaxed you are in your room means you will likely have better sleep and feel more rejuvenated. So, you should make your room feel and resemble you.

The first step in creating the best bedroom for you, is to choose a theme or "aesthetic". Choosing an aesthetic for your room is done by laying down the platform for your masterpiece of your room. It dictates the colors, color, texture, and overall feel of your room. A few popular aesthetics are minimalism, bohemian, and vintage.

Next, a color scheme should be chosen. Typically the color scheme and the aesthetic go hand-in-hand. For instance, if you desire a bohemian theme you might choose pastel pinks and shades of tan. It is suggested however, that the colors are light and airy and have a bolder accent counterpart such as black, metallic, or even a neon color. By having lighter colors and shades in your room it gives the allusion that your space is bigger than what it is.

Once you have decided upon the foundation of your room the fun can begin. After deciding the layout of your room it is essential that there is designated place for everything. To start, you should have everything organized, this way your room will stay neater allowing a calmness to set in. To keep your room organized for longer, invest in some sturdy buckets or crates for bigger things, under the bed storage for items that are not used frequently, and dividers for draws. Draw dividers are a key to keeping things in place in space that very easily can become chaotic.

Decorating your room is the final step in creating your relaxing space. Use rugs, hanging decor, and picture frames to decorate your walls and floor. A trendy way to decorate is by taking unframed photos ( such as polaroids) and tape them on your wall in a straight line. One row after another. If that is not your "cup of tea", you can add paintings, wall decor, or even fairy lights. Fresh flowers and plants always brighten a room. Consider some easy to care for plants.

However you choose to decorate your bedroom, take your time and make it your! Afterall, you should express the things you love through your decor because it's your space!


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